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2021 Officers and Board of Directors

Pres: Tabitha Eimerbrink 
VP: Linda Collins 
Sect: Morgan Wagner 
Corr Sect: Racheal Keagy 
Treasurer: Abby Latchaw 

Board of Directors: 
Nick Latchaw  
Jim Miller 
Bob Klinedinst 
Brenda Mentzer 
Bill Jurell 
Wendy Leathery 
Carl Anthony 
Jeanne Goforth  
Mailing Address: Wellsville Frontier Days Inc.  
                                     P.O Box 246
                                     Wellsville, PA 17365
Show Grounds Entrance for Trailers:   1621 Lisburn Rd 
                                              Wellsville, PA 17365 
 Show Ground Entrance for Spectators:   75 Carroll Street 
             Wellsville, PA 17365